Why a Website?

People Are Online… You may ask,
wwwWhy do I really need a website?”

  • Statistics have shown that nearly a third of the earth’s population use the internet.
  • The internet is used to find a business or service.
  • Websites are accessed to investigate products, prices or services.
  • Your website can advertise your business hours and location.
  • Your customer can use your contact form to special order, reorder, or speak with an agent.
  • The number of people that make use of the internet every day is on the increase.
  • 70% of the earth’s population has access to it.
  • Online shopping has become a normal activity for many internet users.

Businesses large or small can profit when it comes to potential benefits from having a web presence:

1. To Inform

The old adage that nobody knows your business better than you is true, but wouldn’t it be great if other people at the very least were able to know what you do? Having a presence on the Web helps others to learn more about who you are, what you do and how your products or services may ultimately benefit themselves. Your business may be the best kept secret in town but ask yourself this; how many secret businesses actually turn a profit? Let people in, enable people to get to know you and open your business to the world of unlimited opportunity.

2. To Say
Nothing of course compares to a personal visit to your store, office or headquarters but your Web site is the next best thing. Your Web site is your opportunity to make a lasting impression and can serve as your virtual environment and 24-hour salesperson. Consider what your Web site might say about your organization. It may portray that same professional quality that you normally invoke with your pamphlets, brochures and face-to-face meetings or just as poor customer service or a disorganized storefront can undermine the image of a company in the eyes of consumers, so too can a poorly designed, managed and coded website. Also consider what not having a Web site will say about your company.

3. To Do
Nobody develops a business Web site without expecting some sort of a return on investment, so how does investing in a Web site lead to ROI? There are many answers to that question, some are creative and some are straightforward. Is the goal to simply generate an order or is it to collect information such as names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for the development of a qualified lead database? Do you want somebody to fill out an online questionnaire or just to click around and drive advertising rates? Put simply, if you don’t have a Web site that does something, you are putting your business at a disadvantage.

4. To Transform
Think of a Web site as a virtual extension of your traditional business and use the Web to help transform your company to meet and anticipate new industry demands. It has the potential to be your top salesperson and your most helpful customer service associate, it is also a reusable, easily changeable brochure and your top advertisement. Use the Web to interact with customers and clients who are asking for better, more efficient ways of doing business with you because chances are, that your competition has already begun to take those steps to steal your customers and clients.

5. To Compete
If you build it they will come, right? Well, if you don’t build it they will go to your competitor. Investing in the development of a Web site is the best, most cost-effective way to “keep up with the Jones’ these days” and not having a Web site is the best way to count yourself out of the running before the race has even begun. If you don’t have a Web site you won’t be found by the millions of people (39.8 million online business searches per day according to Overture) that use the Internet daily to look for different types of goods and services online. Your competitor will be the one that is found instead.

45 Additional Reasons you Need a Web Site

  1. You have some information that is helpful or interesting
  2. You have a product you would like to sell
  3. You want to let people know about your business or organization
  4. You have customers who need your support
  5. You want feedback from your customers
  6. You want to make contact with others
  7. You want to expand your business, domestically or internationally
  8. You need to transfer information to other branches and salespeople
  9. Your message can be seen by millions of people
  10. Improve your image
  11. You’re always open
  12. You can increase your productivity
  13. Your business gets the competitive edge
  14. Your message is always current
  15. Your Web site is cost-effective
  16. It’s never been easier or more affordable
  17. A Web site cannot be sent to the wrong address or thrown out
  18. A Web site gives your customers instant access to your products
  19. A Web site may be changed on the spur of the moment
  20. Increases the chances of impulse buying
  21. Businesses without an Internet strategy are finding it hard to survive
  22. Technology know-how is a key difference in the marketplace
  23. Inexpensive, fast and effective customer-service
  24. There are no reproduction costs with the web
  25. customers can be referred to your web site for further information
  26. Reduce staff time
  27. Find more customers online (and take some of your competitors)
  28. Save time communicating electronically
  29. Work can be processed faster and more efficiently
  30. Demonstrate a progressive and expanding business
  31. keep archives of old information at no extra production costs
  32. Your competitors have Web sites and your prospects have seen them
  33. Deliver your message without spending money on printing or postage
  34. You are on equal footing with the world’s largest companies
  35. You can reach a potential 50+ million people worldwide
  36. You have free demographics gathering capability
  37. Provide qualified leads for new clients or contacts
  38. You can gather information about your competitors
  39. Generate immediate orders from new and existing clients
  40. Enable customers to contact you or request more information
  41. Used as an inexpensive form of marketing research
  42. Builds credibility for your organization
  43. Will increase your competitive advantage
  44. Because everybody else has one
  45. Generate an online list of e-mail addresses for direct marketing

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