Plan Your Website

What we can offer:

  • Graphic Design for your logo and branding
  • Best Prices for Promotional Products such as business cards, brochures, signs or postcards
  • Custom Consultations (via phone or in person)
  • Forms and direction to create a detailed plan to reach your goals
  • Interactive custom website that we will design together
  • The best domain name for your business available
  • or connection to your established domain name.
  • Links, images and content as you direct
  • Content Management training (or a plan to have us do it)
  • Local Support only a phone call away.
  • Track and measurement of web traffic results with access to site stats
  • Search Engine Optimization available
  • Social Media Strategy

The Design, Architecture, and Navigation

The way a website appears visually is important. Creativity is at the heart of the visual impact of the sites we design. With the explosion in the number of competing websites, it is critical that your website’s first impression be a good one – you most likely will only get one chance. Your website design should take into account your brand if you have one, the colors you use in printed materials, visual layout, navigation, photography, and overall message of course.

1. Grab them with the headline

You only have a few seconds to grab their attention. The first thing a visitor sees is the most critical component of the home page. If the visitor reads only your headline would they know what your website is about?” It should be bold and prominent. If it speaks to benefits, or a call to action if they get something in return, that would be the ultimate headline.

2. Use pictures and visuals

Visuals are always a good way to draw the visitor’s attention. Use graphs to illustrate a point. Include pictures and visuals whenever possible to illustrate each page.

3. Use concise copy

Concise is the sword of the day. Tell the visitor exactly what they need to know. Once you have written the copy for a page, read it, then reduce it by 50%. Read it again and reduce it again by 50%. Use bullet items if applicable.

4. What’s in it for the visitor?

Make it abundantly clear what your website is all about, and why they should continue to explore it.

5. Never leave the site

As far as possible, don’t make the visitor scroll down, because they might not do so. As the visitor travels from page to page, they should feel like they never left the site. The navigation should remain constant and easily accessible as the visitor travels throughout the site. Also have any outside links open in a new page or tab, always keeping your site open.

6. Use Forms to engage the visitor

Use a contact form to correspond with the visitor to your site. It enables you to keep your private email from being publicized, the responses can automatically be forwarded, and you will get the information such as email or telephone number that you need to follow up. You can also add questionnaires or polls to gather more information. Fill out this form to help in organizing your thoughts to get started (optional).

7. Use Social Sharing Buttons

Be sure to include the sharing buttons to your posts and pages to facilitate spreading the word about your service or product. Each visitor to your website has friends who have friends. This is a great way to get more traffic to your website without cost.

Together, let’s design a Custom Website!

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Content strategy is a plan, 100% custom for you, designed to:

  • Ensure you have the right content in the right places—maximizing the impact of every page and ease of navigation from page to page.
  • Create clear and consistent content across not only your website, but every other communication channel you use and linking to social media
  • Help your customers find exactly what they need and move them through your site with ease and

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